Hi, I’m Chris!

I design and build products like ChordBank, which has helped millions of people all over the world play guitar, and Better Notes, which was featured by Apple as one of the best new apps on the App Store.

As a software engineer for

The New York Times

I led development of our flagship iPad app. Then, I joined NYTBeta and led development of a new app called


which featured (then) 16,000 delicious recipes from The Times.

After Cooking, I switched from engineering to design—as a product designer, I worked as part of a small, eight-person team on the first major redesign of nytimes.com’s homepage in over a decade.

As a journalist, I’ve written for places like:

The New York Times, The Boston Globe, GOOD, Popular Mechanics, New York

Right out of college, I was lucky enough to sit near Ira as an intern in Chicago at

This American Life